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Introducing our law firm
Heckman Law, PC | Lawyer in California

Heckman Law, PC

The real estate, construction, and business attorney Palm Desert locals trust. Contact us now for a free legal consultation.

Welcome to Our Law Firm

Heckman Law, PC, located in Palm Desert, California, focuses on business and corporate law, real estate law, and construction law. In the domain of business law, our skilled team offers a range of services. We handle commercial transactions, assist with conversions, maintain corporate records, help address fiduciary disputes, guide in the formation and choice of entity, advise non-profits, and work to protect trade secrets.


In the realm of construction law, our firm has experience in contract negotiation and drafting, providing advice to contractors, dealing with home improvement contracts, navigating mechanic's and other liens, and working with stop payment notices and surety and bond issues.

For those delving into real estate, we offer support in areas such as broker's liens, easements, evictions, lease negotiations, managing liens and their releases, facilitating purchases and sales, quiet title actions, and helping to address real estate disputes. Through our dedicated and adaptable approach, we strive to assist our clients in navigating their legal concerns.

Our Areas of Focus


Business & Corporate Law

We cover commercial transactions, corporate records, entity formation, nonprofit advising, and trade secret protection.


Construction Law

Our primary field is construction law, handling contract drafting, contractor advising, liens, and bond issues. Rely on us for your construction legal needs.


Real Estate Law

We are adept in real estate law, managing broker's liens, lease negotiations, and property disputes. Turn to us for comprehensive real estate legal support.

Meet Garrett Heckman

President of Heckman Law, PC

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Based in Palm Desert, California, I'm a seasoned attorney focusing on construction, real estate, and business law.


With a profound background in transactional work, litigation, and strategic business planning, I'm licensed in both California and Texas, proudly serving clients from my offices in Palm Desert, CA, and Dallas, TX.

As someone who is passionate about helping guide businesses through legal complexities, I bring expertise in corporate governance, succession planning, and non-profit representation.


Connecting with clients and ensuring their best interests are prioritized is central to my practice, fostering trust and lasting partnerships.

We are glad the be the business attorney Palm Desert companies turn to when they need help.

Garrett has represented my commercial real estate company on several occasions and provided professional service and excellent results each time. I can count on his real estate and business expertise!

Andrew Hervey

Contact Us Now

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